Life Casting

Lindi’s interest lies in art practice, most specifically being engaged in the process of making artwork.  She prefers to think of herself as an art maker rather than an artist. Her focus revolves around ‘The Body and Space’  and more recently ‘Objects and Their Place in the World’.

Lindi has worked extensively with life casting, using silicons, polyurethanes, resins, cement and mixed materials.

The Process

Objects of Desire: An interdisciplinary event

Through using art-making as research, Lindi investigates the negotiations between human form and endemic environment. Over time, there remain traces of her art-making process which cannot be discarded, but have accumulated in a pile of disembodied parts – a collection without place, imbued with meaning, nevertheless references to the human form.

The collection of objects on display in this theatre performance found purpose momentarily in the presence of the theatre audience. For the performative aspect of body-casting in the Rhodes First Physical Theatre production Objects of Desire, Lindi was assisted by Lauren Fletcher, whilst the subject is well know South African actor, Andrew Buckland.

The face cast was achieved in 35 minutes as part of a live performance.