Suplication for Rhino (2013)

Installation view:

Life size hands. Cement, polyurethane, paint, car polish Tunnel constructed of wood, lighting, black velvet and carpeting.

Have attempts to Save the Rhino re-mytholigised it’s function? What does this say about what we believe and invest in? Do iconic representations of Rhinocerotidae’s plight enhance it’s value to the point immortalizing it?

The sculptural objects in this exhibition attempt to bring that which is soon ‘to be discontinued’ [rhino] back into the ordinary by juxtaposing them with functional coffee-tables. The viewer is free to look deeper into the battles that are underway, or to disengage and see the tables as furniture.

Whatever we may choose to see, a niggling doubt remains that we are losing ground and the bombardment of information on an impending global environmental crisis has desensitized us to the point where we feel disempowered to affect meaningful change. How is the matter of eternity and extinction connected directly and indirectly to the interaction between ourselves and our everyday environment? Like the Caryatid and Telemon, does Rhino serve as pivotal column necessary in the support of human survival?