Last one Standing

Daebu Island, Seongam, South Korea

How is human mortality physically and psychically connected to the endemic environment? What does buried history say of this?

What processes affect our reading of the environment and how does this change the reading of ourselves, or vice versa? For example, does the bombardment of information on an impending global environmental crisis complicate the dialectic between space and identity? Have we become desensitized to the point where we feel disempowered to affect meaningful change? Human beings themselves are far from an endangered species and yet every loss of a human life feels, to the individual, like the end of the world. How do issues of immortality and extinction link directly and indirectly to our interaction with the environment?

The sculptures in this 8 minute movie were treated as objects-in-the-environment, involving a translation of materiality that implicitly unsettles boundaries and interrogates the viewer’s visual memory. By re-working real objects as the unfamiliar, the viewer may observe them in a different way, actively mediating a re-visioning in of ways of seeing and understanding the links between ourselves and our environment.

This work will be juxtaposed with an investigative series done in South Africa.